Каркас парника «Новатор-Мини» (хлебница) под поликарбонат

Novator Mini

Frame of greenhouse «Novator Mini–h0.8m» is dismountable,  hxlxw: 0,8x2x1m (covered by polycarbonate or polyethylene)

Weight: 18 kg. Door is available at one  end; very comfortable!

The set includes: metal frame of pipe 20x20, powder coating, door handles, metalware, stakes.   Collapsible, packed in carton.

Material PE (polyethylene) 0.5mm  includes (3sheet 1.25x2.05m)  3х6€

Features - Novator Mini:

Hight 0.8 m
Length 2 m
Weight 18 kg
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